Monday, June 22, 2009

New Web site --- Courtisanerie

So, folks... I have put up a Web site for women. There's not a ton there yet but there will be... If you have any ideas for articles or sections, send them my way!

Check it out and let me know what you think. Kisses! :)

Monday, June 15, 2009


SO... I haven't posted in a few months... because I have been busy up to my ears. It's been amazing, though --- I have this huge community project going on and it's incredible. And I've been working on writing music and editing my novel and all sorts of great stuff.

However, pickup/dating/seduction/attraction/whatever update:

That guy that I've had oneitis for? The oneitis is gone... We got physical and all that (just making out, nothing too serious) and then I was like, "Okay, wait a second..." and one day pretty much out of the blue I realized that I'm just not focused on him anymore. Still a great guy and if I ever get a chance to make out with him again, I probably will, but I can't see him as an LTR. Not right now, anyway. There's room to grow but until then, I'm good as a FW(occasional)B.

And I've been getting a lot of attention from guys lately... I think. I honestly have been too busy and too focused on other things to notice. But it just goes to show that it's true that men want to be in the lives of women who actually HAVE lives (and vice-versa).

In fact, I think half the reason I'm so unfocused on gaming and dating right now is that I just can't find any guys who have lives that are as interesting as mine...

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Popping in to say:

All right, I'm back at school. Have totally been neglecting pickup in favor of 1) getting homework done, and 2) not freezing to death.

However, these are lame excuses and I'm going to be getting back onto things ASAP. I've been introducing a roommate of mine to pickup so maybe I'll even have a wingwoman of sorts here soon. We'll see!


Thursday, December 11, 2008

The latest greatest:


So, I don't really even know how this happened... but I got myself a stalker! He's only a year older than I am and incredibly obnoxious. I tried being indirect to get rid of him. It didn't work. I tried being more direct. That didn't work. I went for really direct, and am rude to the guy every time I see him (which feels SO weird, because I am almost pathologically nice most of the time). Still hasn't worked. He's just decided he's in the "friend zone," and is perfectly cheery about it. Still texts nonstop, still keeps trying to ask me out... it's frigging obnoxious. However, he leaves town in a month. I'm just going to wait it out.

Also, guys keep asking for my number. This is weird, because 1) this rarely happens, and 2) I don't even open them or anything. They just come up --- one guy at a cafe had a whole gimmick about having me come read something he wrote, and it was basically just a two-page lead-in that asked me for my number --- and another guy started chatting me up at work and ended with, "So, uh, this might be kinda awkward, but is there some way I could get in touch with you?" It's been quite unusual. I'm not into either of the guys, but I'm not really sure why it was happening. I didn't look particularly good or make eye contact or anything. All I know is that in both cases, I was really into what I was doing. In the cafe, I'd been working on my novel, and at work, I'd been listening to an awesome episode of the Pickup Podcast. I suppose passion really is contagious.

On the podcasts, check 'em out! . I highly recommend them! They're done by two guys, AJ and Jordan, and I really like their content and their attitudes. You can tell they're into this because they love women and want to connect with people, and they're really upbeat and positive and a lot of fun. I'm on episode 15 or something like that; I'm going to work all the way up to where they're at now. Really informative stuff, and the podcasts pump up my inner game like crazy.

I've got another issue right now, beyond the stalker and the random number requests: a bad case of oneitis. Not cool, esp. because the guy has a girlfriend, who is also my friend. Yeah. Sticky. Also, he's a total player. I know this, and I fall for him anyway. He's kissed pretty much every female in my acquaintance, but not me. He's tried... but I haven't reciprocated because he's the one guy I get so nervous around I can't think straight. (I've mentioned him before in this blog. Same recurring guy you'll see below.) I'm getting better, since I've been trying to think of him just as a friend --- helps with the butterflies --- but it's still distracting to always have him in the back of my mind.

This isn't a NEW thing --- I've been head over heels for him for two years --- but it flames up sometimes and takes a while to dampen back down. If he was single, I think at this point I'd honestly just make out with him and try to get it out of my system, but he's not so I won't. We flirt a lot, and I think it'd actually be pretty easy to move in for a kiss or whatever sometime, but it's not worth the repercussions. So I get to wait, hope he's single again sometime soon, and try to move on and flirt with other guys. Kinda hard in this itsy bitsy town, but I'll be back to school soon. Once I'm back I'm going to start on the StyleLife Challenge again. I attempted it once but didn't get past day one. No real motivation and it's hard when you already know everyone in town.

Anyway... that's my update. Don't know if anyone's still reading, but if you are, comment me, or hit me up. I'd love to chat with some of you sometime! sheclectica at gmail dot com

Friday, September 12, 2008

Forums ahoy!

Woot. So I've joined the Attraction Forums and am having a BLAST. It's mostly guys, which is cool because being around that many guys, even just online, makes me happy. And they're all really encouraging and willing to give all sorts of insight into things that most guys have never thought about enough to verbalize. I'm lovin' it.

I'm having quite a bit of fun with four guys right now. One of them has fallen for me pretty hard, though, to his credit, I only know this because I've picked up on the signs and because I got some third-party information. I'm not really interested in him --- a bit young for me, mentally --- but he's cool to hang out with. Actually, they're all cool to hang out with, and are all open to doing stuff with me as a group... it's sweet. Doubt anything'll come out of it, but it's awesome to be building these friendships with guys. My friends have always been mostly girls, and I'm loving the new male energy in my life. Hopefully they're enjoying me just as much. ;)

Not a lot of proper DATING, though... How do I escalate these friendships into proper dates? Eh. I'll figure it out. Until then, enjoying the ride!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

This Just In:

Yeah, I'm still alive!

Been busy... out of town... sick... and kicking serious butt on the novel I'm writing, which is almost done. Yay!

Now: new report. Good report. FABULOUS report. I'm copying this from a post I made on our forum.

I was hanging out with some friends last night, and I was really tired and stayed in the corner and zoned out for most of the evening. A few of the girls were swarming around this guy (one of my main targets for the past while) and I figured I wouldn't try to compete with them.
Once most of the people had left, it was just me, one other girl, and six or so guys. So I planted myself in the middle of them and announced that I was tired and wasn't going to be interesting, so they would have to entertain me, which got a couple fun song and dance routines out of them, and then some of the younger guys left (usually a good thing, in my book...) and I was within minutes this dazzling belle being actively competed for by three guys.

The secret: I'd been reading "The MANual" (by Steve Santagati) that morning. I'm not sure WHAT key idea triggered this outrageous flirt to come out, but I think it had something to do with the concepts of:
1) Being consistently spontaneous. I was playful and never paid attention to one of them for more than a few minutes in a row, and texted one while I was talking to another and vice-versa. (It was a casual environment and we were all texting each other during our conversations, so it was fun rather than rude, lol.) For reference, it's really fun to have a light conversation going at the same time as serious I-really-like-you texts.
2) Being just a little bit naughty. I usually come across as being rather innocent and bookish, so it was fun to really come out of my shell and make a lot of teasing "You just want me for my body" and "I have that effect on men" comments.
3) Realizing that sex+comedy is a man's favorite pasttime. I walked in on a rather subtle but hilarius dirty joke; they were really surprised that I got it, and seemed delighted that I could swing around and make a few sharp ones myself. I love surprising guys.
So... yeah. It was fun, and I got a huge energy surge, and a huge confidence boost. It helps that I really enjoy the company of all these guys. It's awesome to be the one spot of estrogen amid all that testosterone, lol.
Also, I have just gotten my hands on a copy of "Rules of the Game: The StyleLife Challenge" and am looking forward to starting it. Expect updates!

Monday, May 12, 2008


We went out again last night, just to hang out and talk. It was nice. We went for a short walk, but I did not respond to whatever physical overtures he was making 'cause it was COLD and I was wrapped up with my arms wedged all weird in my coat.

I've got to find some way to... express interest. It just feels like my timing is off somehow, and I get nervous every time I get close to making a move. I'm going to try NLP as PoisonSweetKiss suggested, which I hope will help. Wish me luck!